Group of companies Beneco is a modern and dynamic company. We are specialized in production and selling all over the world raw peat and peat substrates. We use carefully selected peat and produce highly efficient products.

Our main production plant is situated in Lithuania.

Long-term monitoring and analysis of the needs of growers has enabled us to create BENECO line of peat and peat substrates. BENECO products are made from high quality peat, and adjusted to pH.

The new products are developed in close cooperation with growers and according to their needs and the local conditions. Basic research needed for the product development is done together with the official research stations.

We also manufacture organic substrates containing only natural ingredients without any mineral fertilizers. This product has been developed for everyone who wants to grow fruit, vegetables, and other plants as naturally as possible.

The main objectives of the Company include as efficient use of peat as possible preserving the most useful characteristics of peat by manufacturing well known products, such as peat substrates, peat briquettes, and developing new products.

We are in the World

Lithuania / Italy / Russia / Belarus / Poland / Hungary / Holland / Czech Republic / Turkey / Moldova / Kazakhstan / USA / Emirates / Iran / South Korea / Egypt / Morocco / Tunisia / Libya / Algeria

BENECO peat substrates are ready for use:

Made from high quality peat

Adjusted to pH

a ground limestone for peat deacidification
a wetting agent FIBA-ZORB
a comprehensive water-soluble NPK – fertilizer
Do not contain
pathogens, weed seeds and phytopathogenic organisms
heavy metal ions
  • It is important to us to offer only what is the best for you.
  • We guarantee that BENECO line products meet the highest standards.
  • We are flexible and always offer you only reliable service.
  • We are seeking to become yours valuable partner, colleague and friend!