Interesting Facts

  • Peat can be used not only as fuel and heating material.
  • In Europe now is popular peat baths, which have a healing effect and help people get rid of diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis and others.
  • From peat to produce a number of medicinal drugs, which are used to treat diseases of the eyes, heart, joints.
  • Part of the peat fibers can be used in the manufacture of textile. In Finland, for example, already there are clothes made from peat. At the end of last century, the exhibition in Antwerp was demonstrated durable fabric of peat – carpets, rugs.
  • The Eskimos build their homes from two layers: the inside layer is a peat and outside is snow.
  • In the preparation of Scotch whiskey also used essential and unique peat. Peat is very poorly lit, releasing the smoke with a very characteristic smell. Peat gives whisky its incomparable smell and taste.
  • A very important property of peat as an absorbent is used for liquidation of consequences of ecological accidents. They purify the air during a fire, used to absorb oil from the surface of seas and oceans to clean from chemicals.
  • Even the water for the aquarium is passed through the peat, cleaning it from various impurities. With the use of peat can be created to fish the conditions close to natural.
  • Using peat scientific method establish the approximate dates of major tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that have occurred in the past 4000 or more years ago.


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heavy metal ions