Activated peat ACTIVEpeat

Higher decomposition (H4-H5) upland peat with low ash content is used for preparation of this product. A special technology is applied to activate peat over a long period of time. Peat structure is changed within the course of this process, the content of oxygen and nitrogen increase in peat. Upon completion of the activation process, the acidity of peat is balanced to pH 5.5-6.5. Organic additives, such as sapropel and organic huminic and fulvic acid fertilizers Humafol are added. Whereas it takes a long time for these substances to decompose in the soil, a plant has a reserve of nutrients even up to 5 years.

This activated and ready for use peat is characteristic of high concentration of natural organic materials. Therefore, ACTIVEpeat peat can be referred to as a concentrate of soil. This product perfectly fits for planting, gravesite maintenance, and improvement of the quality of infertile, sandy soil.


  • 0-10mm


  • 50 l
  • 70 l
  • 2.5 m3 Big Bag